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The Main Purpose and Foundation of Calling Men Back

CMB was founded by four military veterans with a desire to help men, young and old alike. We believe male maturity is not matched with age but comes with the acceptance of responsibility and accountability. Since identity crisis and role identification are challenges faced by males, CMB’s objective and intention is a call to help face whatever demons we as men deal with; to be the head and not the tail in life. With CMB, you will find men that are relatable, not judgmental, transparent, and willing help when needed. We reach out to any lost man that has been hurt by others and provide a refuge of trust where a man can feel safe to deal with the issue’s men face; to provide hope for all men no matter what race, or background. CMB strives to encourage men to become better overall, allowing them to express themselves freely, while giving them a sense of purpose in life. We are motivating men to establish genuine relationships, fostering opportunities to create and cultivate a proper atmosphere for men, and watch them grow.

CMB promotes a genuine camaraderie and common bond among determined, intelligent, God fearing men, standing upright with a sense of pride and an understanding of what men should be. You can expect us to stand together as one, among men that truly have a heart to help others. Expect CMB to hold one another accountable, remain accountable, and allow everyone to become who they are called to be. We also respect and encourage the skills that everyone has to offer. CMB will help one discover the tools needed to navigate through life and meet the deepest needs for a man’s soul by (1) reconnecting him with his Spiritual Father, (2) teach him how to communicate, socialize, and be good examples to our younger generations and (3) provide a resurgence of masculine leadership within our communities.

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